An Easter Egg Coffee!?

For many of us, Easter is a time of guilt-free chocolate indulgence (the best kind of indulgence). At Coffee Box, we believe that Coffee and Chocolate is the ultimate combo, so why not combine your two pleasures into one chocolatey, sweet, caffeine-boosting deliciousness?!

No eggs-cuses... You HAVE to try this.

It's oh so simple. All you need to do is pop your Easter egg of choice into your morning mug (We all have our favourite morning mug)... Then simply extract your morning espresso into the egg. Now if you're lucky enough to have an Espresso Machine with a wand, this is where you can start getting fancy and trying out some latte art! If not, you can quite easily steam milk in the microwave, or purchase the following...


KRUPS Milk Frother

Krups Milk Frother! 

We all know that Easter Egg Chocolate is the best chocolate. It, therefore, makes the ultimate morning mocha! You of course need beautiful coffee to accompany your Easter egg. We recommend the following new single-origin coffees from Fitch...


FITCH - Single-Origin Brazilian 

FITCH Brazilian!

FITCH - Ethiopian Single - Origin

FITCH Ethiopian!

We hope that's something you'll try! More importantly, enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and have a Happy Easter!