Become an Eco-Coffee Lover

There is a huge importance of minimizing the environmental impact of coffee; from sustainable growth, reducing waste during the roasting and manufacturing process, minimizing the carbon footprint during distribution, and improving infrastructure around the coffee cup.

In just 24 hours, the world consumes approximately 2.5 billion cups of coffee and the demand is growing. Here’s what you can do to help protect our beloved brews and to support sustainable coffee and the farmers who grow it!


1. Inconvenience yourself for the environment

Let's face it, paper cups are convenient when you’re on the go, but they are not really just “paper”... They also have a plastic coating which makes them more challenging to recycle and therefore more likely to end up in landfills. It’s simple to switch. Just ask for your coffee to be made in your reusable cup. This will help prevent unnecessary waste. The trick to making this habit stick? If you forget your mug, don’t get a take-out coffee. Make the convenient option inconvenient. Reusable cups are also extremely useful and stylish, as well as benefiting the environment. 


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2. Be an advocate for change

Instead of venturing out to the local cafe, make more coffee at home. It’s simple. This again means less paper/plastic waste as well as arguably less water, electricity and gas used. Plus you may not know if the coffee served in your local Cafe is sustainably sourced unless of course, you do research. And with us all working from home, there has never been a better time to introduce this trend into your life.


3. Make your coffee purchase count.

Actively seek out brands that have made commitments in support of sustainable coffee producers and the environment. We supply a number of ethically sourced coffee and sustainable coffee accessories that are devoted to creating an Eco-friendly coffee market. Remember to also be a conscientious consumer. Weigh your coffee correctly, don’t over grind and over-consume. Check out some of our ethical coffee traders...


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