Do You Know What A Cortado Is?

What Is A Cortado Coffee?

The cortado is a small espresso coffee drink that pairs espresso with steamed milk (usually in equal parts). It originated in Spain and the name comes from the Spanish verb 'cortar' meaning 'cut' and relates to the effects of the milk 'cutting' the strong, bitter flavours of espresso.

The milk creates a micro-foam that doesn't separate from the espresso shot and is used to simply reduce some of the acidity from the espresso. 



What Coffee To Use

The quality of a Cortado hugely depends on what coffee beans are used. 

It's best to use coffee with chocolatey or nutty profiles such as True Start's Energising Colombian or select a coffee that is rich and full-bodied.

Using a fruity coffee won't pair well with the milk as this could make it appear sourer - these are better suited for Chemex or V60 brewing.


How To Make A Cortado

If you're lucky enough to own an espresso coffee maker, then it's super simple!

  • Grab a clean espresso machine handle
  • Grind your coffee (to make 40ml)
  • Add the coffee to the handle and press firmly
  • Brew for around 20 seconds
  • Steam whole milk until heated and just foamy (40ml)
  • Add the milk over the espresso gently by layering - remember it needs to be 1:1 ratio
  • If you're feeling adventurous, try some milk art
  • Serve and enjoy!