Farm to Cup

Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee! There are a few things we’d like to tell you about the process our coffees go through to get from the farm to your door. Coffee picking is a laborious process and the cherries are often picked by hand. 


Once the cherries are picked, they are treated in a few ways. The more modern method is to “wash” the cherries to remove all of the flesh/fruit from the beans. The older more traditional method is to spread them out to dry under the sun. The final method is called “honeying” the beans and in this process, some of the flesh/fruit is left on the bean so that it can sun dry with the “fruit” and people have noticed that the coffee itself exhibits more fruity flavours. The second and third processes take more time and require more work. The trade-off for this time and effort is a massive savings when it comes to equipment. Industrial coffee washing machines are very expensive and take up a lot of ‘real estate.’ 


When we finally get to the bean (or seed), it’s roasted to bring out the flavours and aromas locked inside the ‘green’ bean. Typically this is done at a specialty roastery or the shop where the coffee is to be consumed so that the coffee tastes its best. Coffee in its ‘green’ state can last a very long time before it will lose any flavour so it’s alright to ship it all over the world. Once it’s roasted, we have about 2 weeks to get the absolute best flavour. Unless you have a home coffee roaster and you are buying your own green beans, coffee this fresh is hard to come by. Many coffees still taste incredible for months after they have been roasted.


To find out the best methods for getting these well-cared-for beans to your favourite mug, read our grind and brew guides!