Freeze Your Coffee Beans

Freezing coffee beans has been a controversial topic in the coffee industry in the past, but lately freezing beans have been seen as a good idea! So if you have ever wondered, here are the reasons why and ideas into how you should freeze coffee beans, and whether freezing your beans really does make your coffee taste better!


Why you should freeze your coffee beans?

1. Freezing your beans keeps the flavour better

Freeze ya beans!

Freezing food is a great way to preserve its flavours and keeping it from going bad. Everyone knows that if you freeze some bolognese sauce today, it will taste the same (or even better!) next week. But we already know this, so does it work for coffee?

The issue with coffee is that once you’ve roasted it, it begins to age and eventually lose its great tasting flavours as the oils within the beans begins to go stale. So in optimal circumstances, you want to consume coffee by a recommended date often provided by the roaster. But if you want to store coffee for long time periods, the best thing to do is freeze your beans! This locks in the flavours and will keep them in the same status as it would be 2-3 days prior to roasting.

Will it taste as good as freshly roasted? Probably not, but it will be close!


2. Freezing Increases Grind Quality

Grind your beans!

Freezing your beans and grinding them "frozen" will result in more uniform grind size particle distributions. It will also grind the beans finer. Both of those factors will increase extraction and you will be able to extract more flavour from your coffee and more evenly also.

That will make your coffee taste much sweeter and less bitter or acidic.

To sum up… Grinding coffee frozen will make your coffee taste better!


How to freeze your beans!

How to freeze!

There are basically only two requirements for successfully freezing coffee beans; you should store the beans in an airtight container and there should be no air or as little as possible. So you have two options; vacuum sealing or some sort of tube or container!

The trick is to fill your small tubes as much as possible and get the beans tightly packed. Remember to label your tubes and the date you began the freezing process… You could leave it 4-5 weeks or 2-3 years. Try it to find out if the process works for you!