Home Brew Coffee Methods - At a Glance

With so many of us now working from home, and local independent coffee hubs becoming far less accessible, we wanted to share some tips on brewing methods, equipment you may need, and above all, how to make the best possible brew at home.

Ultimately, the best way to make coffee is completely subjective and the method you choose will result in a different tasting experience. To create the perfect home brew, we at Coffee Box recommend the following effective methods:

V60 coffee drippers

Becoming increasingly popular both at home and in coffee shops, the V60 method delivers beautifully clear flavours and aromas, allowing you to enjoy even the subtlest of notes in your brew. This is why the V60 method is one of specialty coffee’s most common brewing methods. Plus it takes no time at all. If you’re starting off using this method, a dripper, filter papers, and ground coffee is all you may need, however you could take it that step further by grinding fresh whole bean coffee to amplify flavours. 


A brilliant and simple way to make delicious filter coffee, with minimal fuss or precision. The Cafetière is a beautifully simple brewing method, staple in most homes. The general consensus is to grind coarse for this method, so if you wish to go all out, you may need some scales for precise measurements to ensure you can brew a balanced and full-bodied cup for up to 12 people.


The Aeropress method is a firm favourite and growing trend amongst coffee lovers. It’s a unique method because there are two distinct ways of brewing coffee this way: ‘Standard’ or ‘inverted’. Consumers have begun creating multiple recipes by adjusting variables like grind size and brew time, resulting in unique flavours. It’s the perfect method for coffee drinkers looking to experiment.


Perfect for bringing out the complexities of lighter roasted, more nuanced coffees, the Chemex creates an infinitely smooth cup. You may find this method more effective if you use whole bean coffee and grinding immediately before brewing. If you grind too soon or use ground coffee for this particular method, you may quickly lose many of the compounds that give the Chemex method its beautiful aromas and flavours. Far more advanced than other brewing methods, other additions including a Gooseneck kettle and scales are recommended for optimal control and precision.


Look out for our upcoming blogs where we will dive into more detail on the step-by-step methods on how to use each of the above!