National Tea Day!

National Tea Day!

Behind every great country, there is an even greater beverage helping its people through the day. On April 21st, the UK celebrates National Tea Day!… The Nations drink of choice for the past two centuries. Our Nation has a love for tea, so much so, that we consume more than 60 billion cuppas a year, which is roughly 165 million… A DAY! So it only makes sense to celebrate our longstanding relationship with such a brew-tea of a drink!

As much as we are huge coffee fans, here at Coffee Box we appreciate a fine tea as much as anyone. That’s why we offer a thirst-quenching selection of artisan, high-quality teas for a more refined palette.

Some prefer fruity Loose Leaf, others prefer the traditional English Breakfast bag with a splash of milk and a side of Custard creams. So to celebrate National Tea Day, we wanted to share our favourite teas, and the perfect brewing teapots and infusers that suit you!


Loose Leaf Best Sellers

Good & Proper's Earl Grey loose leaf black tea strikes the perfect balance between body and aroma, making it a deliciously fragrant cup for any time of day. Delicious with or without milk, or even with a slice of lemon.

Good n Proper!

Tea Bag Best Seller!

The Brew Tea Co has taken the Great British brew and updated it for the 21st century. Striving to keep things simple and do it properly. 

Brew Tea Co!

Best selling Tea Pot!

The Kinto Ridge Teapot is ergonomically designed to make pouring effortless. The large arched handle lets you adjust the position of your hand as you tip the teapot for complete control when pouring. 

Kinto Teapot!