Pour-Over Brew Guide

First, we need fresh ground coffee. Pour-over is the most forgiving with ‘improper’ grind size. The more course the grind, the less flavour you will get from the grounds. The finer the grind, the more powerful the flavor. 


The ideal grind for this brew method is slightly larger than beach sand. 


Next, we need the filter. There are a number of different kinds of filters, they all perform the same function and we don’t feel that they affect the flavour of the final product that much. The most important thing to do with the filter is to run hot/boiling water through it before you put the grounds in the pour-over bowl. 


Add the freshly ground coffee beans to the bowl and place the device on top of your mug. The best way to pour the water (92-96 degrees) over the coffee is to pour a small steady stream directly into the middle of the grounds and allow them to become saturated. This may fill the grounds bowl to the top with water, often the fresher the coffee and the lighter the roast, the more water it absorbs before dripping through. 


Once the initial saturation takes place you want to try to pour the water over the grounds in a circular pattern being careful that the water doesn’t touch the edge of the pour-over since it will run straight through to the cup. 


Pro tip: until you have the amount of water figured out for the mug you are using, fill it over the sink. That way, if you overfill it, there isn’t a big mess on your counter. 


Lastly, let it cool down a bit and enjoy!