Roaster Spotlight: Brew Tea Co.

Okay, Okay, we know this isn't technically a roaster but we love Brew Tea Co, so we just had to include them in our Roaster Spotlight blog series, especially as it's National Tea Day! 

Founded in 2012 & based in Manchester, Brew Tea set out to redefine what 'good' tea could be. 

Using only 100% rolled, whole tea leaves along with all-natural herbs, fruits and oils, Brew Tea Co offer strong punchy flavours within their blends, plus, they know how to brew them properly which means no bitterness, ever. And what's more, all their tea bags are completely plastic-free!


Here is a rundown of the bestsellers: 


Loose Leaf Top Picks...

Moroccan Mint

What You're Brewing: Peppermint Leaf, Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea

A blend of strong gunpowder green tea with a super minty peppermint. Perfect when you need something lively and refreshing!


Lemon & Ginger

What You're Brewing: Ginger, Apple, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Lemon Peel, Natural Lemon Flavouring

This is just as good in the winter as it is in the summer over ice (even with a cheeky splash of a little something). No granules, just an excellent mix of spice and citrus.


Tea Bags Top Picks...

Green Tea

What You're Brewing: Yunnan Green Tea

Green Tea is all about the balance - loads of flavour & minimal bitterness. This brew uses Yunnan which has a hoppy, summer greens taste


Earl Grey

What You're Brewing: Ceylon Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals

There are not many things more refreshing than a cup of Earl Grey. Brew Tea never use flavour granules on their leaves, meaning this brew taste less like hot perfume, and more like tea. Perfect!