Roaster Spotlight: Brew Tea company

Whether it's a strong and milky morning cup or a punchy iced tea, brewing with rolled whole leaves gives you a smoother, deeper, richer taste. It's never 'just' a cup of tea. And it's never been simpler.

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About Brew Tea Company...

Since being established in Manchester in 2012, Brew Tea Company has declared war on boring tea. Their range of loose leaf tea (and proper tasty tea bags) is intended to demistify quality tea and bring high-quality tea to the masses. 

Having tasted their brews, we're happy to confirm that their mission so far is a huge success.


Meet the Bestsellers:

Brew Tea Company - English Breakfast - Loose Leaf Tea 113g 

Brew Tea only ever uses rolled whole leaves which make for a smoother, richer brew and their English Breakfast, a classic favourite, is a blend of Indian Assam and Ceylon UVA teas and is best enjoyed with milk, although it is just as good on its own. You really have to try it to taste just how good this is.

English Loose Leaf

Brew Tea Company - CO2 Decaffeinated - Proper Tea Bags


Taking caffeine out of tea and keeping it proper can be tricky. Rather than using the scarily-named dichloromethane, Brew Tea like the carbon dioxide decaffeination process. Easy and tasty.

These leaves are handpicked and rolled, not cut, to enhance the natural flavours and avoid the dust that is often in standard tea bags and each bag contains 3 3/4 g of tea because they've schlurped their way to the best-tasting ratios.

Brew Tea Pot {English Breakfast Yellow} - 400ml

tea pot

We love these pots and we're not the only ones. This 'per person' tea pot means you can do tea properly at home, pot-by-pot, so you can brew your favourite blend to your preferred strength and have one perfect cup of tea every time.