Roaster Spotlight: Chemex

Brewing coffee never looked so good!

Chemex coffee makers are an elegant, scientifically designed piece of coffee brewing equipment which flawlessly blends aesthetics & function. It makes perfect, clear, pure, flavourful coffee without any bitterness or sediment, each time, every time. 

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The Bestsellers:

The Chemex Coffee Maker 3-6 Cup is made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which won't absorb odours or chemical residues. It is produced in small batches by artisan glass blowers and is formed using Croatian glass. The Chemex pour-over easily allows coffee to be covered with a Chemex glass lid and refrigerated for reheating without losing any of the wonderful flavours.


The Chemex Pre-Folded Filter Squares come in a pack of 100. The specially designed cone-shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavour. 


The Chemex Glass Lid Cover will keep your coffee at the proper strength by preventing evaporation.


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