Roaster Spotlight: CRU Kafe

CRU Kafe source delicious, organic and ethically produced coffee from all around the world, allowing you to experience a whole variety of tastes, aromas and sensations in your very own home. Let's explore CRU Kafe's 3 core ranges...


CRU Kafe Organic Coffee Pods

The CRU Cafe Coffee Pods are compatible with Nespresso machines, filled with the very best, organic coffee and are also eco friendly, the pods themselves are made from 100% recyclable aluminium. The best-sellers include: 


CRU Kafe Organic Colombian Coffee Pods:

A bright & colourful coffee bean from one of the world’s most well known coffee-growing regions, held high by wonderfully crisp notes of fruit and berries.

Origin: Colombia

Tasting Notes: Apple, blackcurrant and hazelnut 

Strength: 8


CRU Kafe Organic Decaf Coffee Pods:

With a deep, malted body and smooth mouthfeel, this beautifully balanced espresso is a perfect example of the versatility and strength of Peruvian coffee.

Origin: Peru

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, biscuit, cashew nut

Strength: 7


CRU Kafe Organic Coffee Bags

Made using freshly ground, organic coffee, the CRU Kafe Coffee Bags mean you can have delicious coffee when you're on the go. Just add water!


CRU Kafe Organic Long Black Coffee Bags:

This Long Black Coffee Bag is a beautiful blend of Honduran and Indian beans that come together to deliver a strong, full-bodied cup of coffee with notes of rich, dark chocolate.

Origin: Honduras, India

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, raisin, nutmeg

Strength: 10


CRU Kafe Organic Decaf Coffee Bags:

Naturally light, this Peruvian bean is a fantastically versatile bean with a range and depth perfect for those looking for an enjoyable, easy-drinking decaf. With a nutty, almost malty, aroma and chocolatey base, the first sip gives flavours of a rich tea biscuit, soon making way for a wave of roasted nuts that flows over the tongue. High notes of hazelnut and sweetened honey give way to a clean finish, leaving the palate refreshed and fragrant.

Origin: Peru

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, biscuit, cashew nut

Strength: 7


CRU Kafe Organic Beans & Ground Coffee

Enjoy smooth, great-tasting coffee with CRU Kafe's 250g bags of ground coffee or beans. Each blend tells a story of small farms and steep mountainsides where sun and soil come together to make a truly amazing cup of coffee.


CRU Kafe Organic Honduran Coffee Beans/Ground:

A bright and full Single Origin coffee, the Honduran coffee is a beautiful example of the best this country has to offer - a smooth, full-bodied brew with sweet & mild notes, absolutely perfect for a weekend cafetiére - where brew time can be adjusted to personal taste (we recommend keeping it between 4-6 mins to get the most of out the coffee!).


CRU Kafe Organic Merchants Blend Coffee Beans/Ground:

A strong, punchy espresso blend with notes of dark chocolate, dried fruits and subtle spices, this blend makes the perfect ‘Italian’ espresso. To give this coffee an extra little kick in the tail, CRU Kafe mixed together a fantastic Honduran Arabica with a South Indian Robusta; celebrating both continents whilst retaining the classic Italian recipe for espresso, which is 70% Arabica & 30% Robusta. This helps produce a rich, European espresso with all the range, versatility and diversify that the coffee world has to offer.