Roaster Spotlight: The Gentleman Baristas

The Gentleman Baristas aim to showcase the great wealth & variety of the coffee that's available today. 

They create 'well-mannered coffee' by sourcing their green beans responsibly & carefully from all over the world. Their roasting process ensures that whichever form the coffee may take when it reaches the cup, it is the best it possibly can be. 

Here are some of the bestsellers: 


The Gentleman Baristas - Deerstalker

Deerstalker Origin: 50% Brazil 30% El Salvador 20% Sumatra

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brazil Nuts, Liquorice finish

Acidity: Plum Acidity 

Suited to: Cafetiere, Aeropress, Espresso, Stovetop


The Gentleman Baristas - Gatsby

Gatsby Origin: El Salvador, Cordillera 

Tasting Notes: Cacao, Orange Zest, Cherry Liqueur 

Suited to: Cafetiere, Aeropress, Pour-over


The Gentleman Baristas - Racer

Racer Origin: Guatemala, San Antonio Hurista

Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Cinnamon, Chocolate 

Suited to: Espresso, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Pour-over


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