Roaster Spotlight: Volcano Coffee Works

Born in 2010, Volcano Coffee Works' founder, Kurt, wanted to bring the great tasting coffees he'd grown up with in New Zealand to the UK while supporting the livelihoods of the communities who grow & produce it. 

Their award-winning eco coffee pods & freshly roasted coffee is used in over 250 cafes, restaurants & hotels across the UK & Paris - but now you can drink it in your very own home!

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Volcano Coffee Works - Firehouse Blend

Firehouse blend tastes rich and sweet like chocolate orange, complemented by cinnamon spice and fruity berries. It's perfectly sweet when drunk black, and really comes to life when you add milk.

Origin: 40% Brazil, 30% India, 30% Uganda

Tastes like: Chocolate Orange, Forest Fruits, Cinnamon


Volcano Coffee Works - Reserve Coffee Pods

The toffee sweetness of this coffee makes it our choice for a super satisfying everyday treat.

Tastes like: Sweet Toffee, Berry, Buttery
Origin: Ethiopia
Strength: 3


Volcano Coffee Works - Ethiopian Anasora Lot 3

This coffee from the Anasora farm has distinctive floral notes typical of Ethiopian coffees, with berry sweetness balanced by cinnamon spice and mild green apple acidity. 

Tastes like: Floral, Lavender, Berries, Cinnamon, Green Apple 

Origin: Ethiopia
Guji, Oromia 
1950-2,200 masl
Fully washed

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