Top 3 Health Benefits of Tea

Over time, multiple research groups have been investigating the possible health benefits contained within tea. And it appears there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that drinking tea could actually ward off some very serious conditions, including obesity and dehydration.

Such studies have suggested that drinking three or more cups of tea a day could actually be better for you than drinking the same amount of water, with the antioxidants contained within tea boosting the body’s health, at the same time as rehydrating it.


As it’s World Health Day, we wanted to share with you the Top 3 benefits of drinking tea... 


1. Tea Hydrates the body

Although water is the fundamental fluid for rehydrating the body after exercise or a long day in the office, some scientists believe that drinking tea could be equally useful. Although high in caffeine, tea is still great for hydration as it provides a rich and flavorsome source of water


2. Tea may reduce the risk of heart disease

Tea can potentially improve the blood flow around the body, by widening key arteries and reducing the risk of clots. Tea also contains antioxidants called ‘flavonoids’, which may slow down the onset and risk of heart disease. Who knew?!


3. Tea may prevent tooth decay

Believe it or not, a regular supply of tea can really strengthen your teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay. Tea is a great source of fluoride, which can bolster tooth enamel. The antioxidants contained within a cuppa have also been known to fight against bacteria and gum disease!


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We hope that information is helpful! We love our Tea, and will most certainly be drinking more now we know the extra health benefits!