Whatever Beans Necessary...

Have you ever bean curious about growing your own coffee plant? There is a Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. Today, we find ourselves procaffeinating all the time, looking for things to keep busy, so what better time than now to give it a go?

Check out this guide on growing your own coffee plant. Failing that, we can always help supply you with your coffee fix!...

Firstly, decide where you want to grow your beans

1. Grow your beans indoors

Firstly, select a room near a window. A coffee plant needs roughly 4-5 hours of sunlight each day (difficult here in the UK I know)... BUT you can always use artificial lighting on those gloomy, cold days. Remember to also leave plenty of space for when these beans blossom into a large cappuccino. It may seem strange growing coffee indoors, however in an enclosed space, you can exercise control of the beans growing environment. Try and ensure the temperature remains between 15 and 27 degrees celsius. Coffee requires a consistent temperature. Constant fluctuation can destroy your coffee plant.

Indoor Coffee Plant!

2. Grow your beans outside

This really is only an option for those fortunate to live in warm climates. One of the toughest challenges is monitoring and ensuring temperature to control. Get this wrong and your beans really will be cool. If you’re giving this a go for the first time, we fully recommend you grow your beans indoors.

Grow your coffee outside!

Secondly, just like most plants, you can begin growing coffee from seedlings. So get yourself a potted plant from your nearest seedlings vendor. You will need to wait several weeks before you can see the plant. You may need to transplant the purchased plant into a larger pot that has more room for the roots to grow deep. 


Take care of your plant

For your coffee plant to grow properly and to yield plenty of fruits, you will need to water regularly, add fertilizer, and prune the wayward branches!


Harvesting your coffee plant

If you love coffee like us, it will be tough not to try the coffee from your homegrown plant. However, you need to give it time. Coffee plants begin to bear fruits when they are 6 years old. So you’ll have to wait before you can get a reliable, consistent yield from the crop. Cherries are typically picked when they are deep red in colour! If they begin to fall before this, that is a sign that the tree isn't mature enough. 

 So with a mature coffee plant in your house, you will be able to enjoy the freshest of brews anytime you want. The growing process is also addictive and therapeutic… A bit like coffee really… Failing that, we sell delicious beans...