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CRU Kafe Organic Decaf Coffee Pods

From the beans CRU Kafe source, the farms they work with, to the products they create - are all designed to make you feel good about what’s going into your coffee. They source the most delicious coffee possible, and care for it like crazy, so every sniff, sip and savour is absolutely astounding. 

With a deep, malted body and smooth mouthfeel, this beautifully balanced espresso is a perfect example of the versatility and strength of Peruvian coffee.

Origin(s) - Peru

Taste Notes - Milk Chocolate, Biscuit, Cashew

Strength - 7

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Much like thier Light Roast, this is a naturally light, clean and sweet coffee - so best enjoyed without milk as either a short espresso or longer Americano, where high notes of hazelnut and sweetened honey give way to a clean finish, leaving the palate refreshed and fragrant.

Let’s not forget the process. Decaffeinated ain’t a dirty word around here. That’s because our coffee is decaffeinated the natural way, using water and CO2, and holding on to as much flavour as possible. That’s how we get our decaffeinated coffee to stay so smooth, light and sweet—and stay true to our promise of making coffee that’s good for the planet too.

Aluminium Pods - Not plastic, not cornstarch, not bamboo. Cru Kafe looked at hundreds of compatible pods and are happy to have made the switch back to aluminium.

Recycle - Once the grounds are removed from the capsule, put used pods in your household recycling - lovely and simple!

Other important facts!

  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • 10 pods per pack
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