Colonna Coffee - 'Discovery' Aquiares Estate PB Ground Coffee 250g - Coffee Box

Colonna Coffee - 'Discovery' Aquiares Estate PB Ground Coffee 250g

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Colonna Coffee is one of the UK's leading roasters, founded by a three times UK Barista Champion and three time World Barista finalist. These guys know good coffee!

This coffee comes from Colonna's "Discovery" genre which are exciting and expressive coffees: different varieties and explorative processing provide you with varied and distinctive flavour profiles.

Tastes like: Kiwi, nectarine and cocoa.
We love this coffee brewed for: All methods
This is perfect for: It’s an all-rounder so any time of day

Lets get into the detail of Aquiares Estate PB..

The area in Costa Rica where this coffee originates is known as a "land between rivers", which is more commonly referred to as a coffee community — established in 1890 it is now the largest farm in Costa Rica and currently home to around 1800 people.

The farm is also famous for it's innovative approach to specialty crop cultivation — this washed Centroamerican H1 peaberry is a unique hybrid of Sarchimor T-5296 and a wild Rume Sudan variety, and provides notes of kiwi, nectarine and cocoa in the cup.

Officially verified as fully carbon-neutral and devoted to the protection of it's biological corridors, the farm is also a beacon for sustainable agriculture within the industry.

More about Colonna:

Their approach to sourcing and roasting is defined by their passion for flavour and character. They categorise coffee into three 'genres' and each has different flavour goals. Throughout the year, as harvests come and go, these genres offer a curated experience of the coffees they source.

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