Brewing Excellence: A Guide to Fellow’s Coffee Equipment

Coffee is more than just a beverage. It’s a ritual, a way of life, and an art form. And like any art form, it requires the right tools to achieve excellence. That’s where Fellow’s coffee equipment comes in. With their range of high-quality products, Fellow is quickly becoming a go-to brand for serious coffee enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Fellow’s coffee equipment and how it can help you brew the perfect cup of coffee.


A good grinder is essential for brewing excellent coffee. And Fellow’s Ode Brew Grinder is an excellent choice. It’s packed with features that ensure a consistent grind every time, including 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, a powerful motor, and easy-to-use controls. It’s also incredibly quiet, which means you can grind your coffee without waking up the entire household.


A kettle may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but when it comes to brewing coffee, it’s an essential tool. The Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle is Fellow’s flagship kettle, and it’s designed with the serious coffee lover in mind. It features a precision pour spout, variable temperature control, and a hold feature that maintains the temperature for up to 60 minutes. The Stagg EKG is also incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.


Drippers are an excellent choice for those who prefer a manual brewing method. And Fellow’s range of pour-over drippers is worth checking out. The brand’s signature product is the Stagg X Dripper, which is designed to produce a consistent and even coffee extraction. It features a steep slope and a unique hole pattern that allows for optimal coffee bed depth and water flow. The result is a cup of coffee that is rich, full-bodied, and bursting with flavor.


If you’re looking for a more automated brewing method, Fellow’s range of brewers is worth considering. The Ode Auto Grinder and the Ode Brew Coffee Maker are both excellent choices. The Ode Auto Grinder features 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, smart speed PID motor control, and 31 grind settings. The Ode Brew Coffee Maker features a unique, patent-pending “shower screen” technology that ensures an even coffee bed saturation and extraction.


In addition to their range of coffee equipment, Fellow also offers a range of accessories that are designed to make your brewing experience even better. The Atmos Vacuum Canister is a great way to store your coffee beans, keeping them fresh and flavorful for longer. The Fellow Carter Move Mug is a travel mug that’s designed to keep your coffee hot for hours, and it features a leak-proof seal that prevents spills and drips.


Fellow’s coffee equipment is designed with functionality, user-friendliness, and excellence in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast looking to up your game, Fellow’s range of grinders, kettles, drippers, brewers, and accessories is sure to impress. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Fellow is quickly becoming a go-to brand for serious coffee lovers.


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