Baratza Encore vs Niche Zero

When it comes to coffee grinders, Baratza Encore and Niche Zero are two popular options that have gained recognition for their exceptional performance and quality. While both grinders excel in their respective areas, there are notable differences between them.

Baratza Encore Overview

Key Features:

  • Conical burrs: The Encore is equipped with 40mm hardened steel conical burrs.
  • Grind Settings: Offers 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse.
  • Hopper Capacity: Holds up to 8 ounces of whole beans.
  • Motor: High-torque, DC motor that operates quietly.
  • User-friendly: Simple on/off switch and pulse button.

Performance: The Baratza Encore is renowned for its consistency, especially at medium-coarse to medium-fine settings, making it ideal for drip, pour-over, and even French press brewing. However, for espresso, it may not always achieve the desired fine consistency.

Design and Build Quality: With a sturdy plastic body and a clear hopper, the Encore is designed to be compact and durable. It’s easy to clean and maintain, with replaceable parts readily available.

Price Point: Generally more affordable, the Encore offers great value for money for those who are just starting out with home coffee brewing or who don’t need a grinder for more demanding espresso preparations.

Niche Zero Overview

Key Features:

  • Burrs: It uses 63mm commercial-grade conical burrs.
  • Grind Settings: Infinite grind size control, suitable for a wide range of brewing methods.
  • Hopper Capacity: Single-dose design, meaning you grind only what you need.
  • Motor: Powerful, low-speed motor that minimizes heat and noise.
  • Design: Premium build with solid oak features and a sleek design.

Performance: The Niche Zero excels in its ability to produce a consistent grind across all settings, from very fine for espresso to coarse for cold brew. Its zero-retention feature ensures fresher grinds and better-tasting coffee.

Design and Build Quality: The Niche Zero stands out with its high-quality materials and elegant design. It’s built to last and is particularly appealing to those who value aesthetics in their kitchen appliances.

Price Point: It is priced higher than the Encore, reflecting its premium build and capabilities. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who are willing to invest more for top-quality grinding.

Comparative Analysis

FeatureBaratza EncoreNiche Zero
Burrs40mm conical63mm conical
Grind Settings40Infinite
Hopper Capacity8 ozSingle dose
PriceMore affordableHigher-end
Best forBeginners, casual useSerious enthusiasts
Grind ConsistencyGood for medium grindsExcellent across range

For Whom is Each Best Suited?

  • Baratza Encore: Perfect for beginners or casual coffee drinkers. Great for standard brewing methods like drip and pour-over.
  • Niche Zero: Suited for the coffee aficionado who demands precision and consistency, especially for espresso.

Maintenance and Durability:

  • Encore: Easy to maintain with readily available parts.
  • Niche Zero: Durable build, but may require careful handling due to its premium components.

Space and Aesthetics:

  • The Encore is more compact and fits easily in most kitchen spaces.
  • The Niche Zero, with its standout design, can be a statement piece in your kitchen.

Personal Experiences and Observations

I’ve used both grinders in my coffee journey. The Encore was my first serious grinder, and it never let me down, especially for my morning pour-over. On the other hand, the Niche Zero, with its remarkable consistency, elevated my espresso shots to a new level. It’s not just about grinding coffee; it’s about the experience and the joy of brewing.


When choosing between the Baratza Encore and Niche Zero, consider your coffee brewing habits, budget, and the importance of grind consistency. The Encore is a fantastic entry-level grinder that offers great value, while the Niche Zero is a premium choice for those who are serious about their coffee.


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